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Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

The History Department offers a limited number of assistantships to graduate students to help fund their graduate education. These assistantships normally require the recipient to serve as an instructional assistant to faculty members teaching large sections of the introductory courses. Duties include––but are not necessarily limited to––attending all classes, taking attendance, holding office hours, meeting with students, preparing class materials, and grading papers. Assistantships will normally be awarded for one full academic year assuming competent performance of assigned duties and acceptable progress toward completion of the degree. Assistantships, which may be renewed for one additional year on the same basis, will be awarded by the graduate faculty, with the chair's approval, on the basis of the recommendation of the Graduate Committee.

To maintain an assistantship:

a. Students must enroll in History 5301, Instructional Methods Practicum for History Assistants, during the first semester in which they hold an assistantship. Although this course will count toward the nine hour load, it will not count as credit toward the degree. The university will subsidize this course.

b. The student must enroll in at least nine hours of graduate course work during each long semester until all course work is completed; at least three of those hours must be in history. Students may not take more than nine hours of graduate work in any long semester without the approval of the director of graduate studies and the department chair.

c. Students on assistantships must maintain at least a nine hour load for the entire semester. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the assistantship the following semester.

d. Students wishing to receive an assistantship for their second year must submit a form to the director of graduate studies requesting a renewal by March 15. In addition, such students must have completed satisfactorily 15 graduate hours by the beginning of their third long semester.

e. No student with more than one incomplete grade at the beginning of the spring semester will be eligible to retain his or her assistantship for that semester.

f. No second-year student with an incomplete grade at the beginning of the fall semester will be eligible for an assistantship for that semester.

In extraordinary individual circumstances the student may request from the graduate committee specific variances to any of the History Department's internal policies relating to the graduate program. Such requests should be addressed to the director of graduate studies, who will convene the Graduate Committee to rule on such requests.

Necessary forms are available online through the departmental Web page, or in main office.